Mad2DaMax (also known as Jaronta Linny Saunders) is a passionate Hip Hop Songwriter & Rapper born and based in Washington D.C. His stage name “Mad Max” was inspired by a character from “Shottas,” a movie he watched growing up. From a very young age, Mad Max knew music would be a big part of his life and at 13, he started writing his very own music thanks to his musical muse since day one (Jay Z). Throughout the years, he has been greatly influenced by music artist legends 2 Pac, Eminem, Lil Wayne, and Andre 3000.

To date, Mad Max has released six mixtapes within the past half-decade and his single "What Could It Be" sold a whopping 5,000+ units in 2010. He has also collaborated with emerging rap artist Simmons Boi and his music has been played extensively on various FM and satellite radio stations.

Currently, Mad Max is rigorously working and his forthcoming EP entitled, “Mad-2-Da-Max.”




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